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There are three major points when it comes to shooting in manual mode in regards to light (which is the most important thing in my book) f-stop, iso, and shutter speed. These three elements control what your photograph looks like in terms of lighting and depth

Photography Basics 101

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We have all heard this buzz word called “burnout” the reason it has become a buzz word is because burnout is a real thing that a lot of small business owners deal with. It something that is easy to slip into and even harder to get out of.

How to avoid burnout for entrepreneurs


A website is crucial when it comes to owning a small business. It increases sales, credibility, and online presence.

Why your business needs a website


Branding is something that is far greater than just a logo, fonts, and a color schemes. Your brand is made up of four aspects; vision, voice, visuals, and values. As a business owner it is our job to combine these components together to create consistency and trust. When you build trust within a client you […]

You know that saying; Self-love Sunday, yeah well I think it is total B.S. how about self-love every single day!!!! Self-love isn’t a selfish act even though it may have the word in it! But I want you to think about something; you know when you board a plane & they go over all the […]

Self-Love isn’t just for Sundays


Fears are extremely personal; which is why it is not always discussed because nobody can look at you and say. ” At this moment you are going to be able to get over your fear here.” But if we can change the way we look at fear than hopefully it will allow you to either […]

Breaking Down Barriers of Fear


I remember when I starter this business about 4 years ago and I thought I would just pick up a camera and my bizz would take off from there. But the more I dove down into what it takes to run a success business, the more I realized that there was much more than just the “talent”.

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