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Fear is something that every human has experienced in their life. Why? Because it comes from something that we all have; Amygdala is grey matter in our brain that creates the sensation of fear. Some call it our lizard brain because it is animalistic… All it is trying to do is survive and keep us […]

How to “overcome” Fear

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Social media can be overwhelming for small business owners; with the ever changing algorithm, new tools, REELS, and multiple platforms that it can put you into a tailspin. The tailspin can last for a few days, a couple weeks, or even months and as a business owner you know how important social media can be to maintain your business.

Getting Out Of Your Social Media Rut


It was a pleasure getting to photograph Shelby in downtown Reno for her branding session. She wanted a lifestyle feel with neutral tones.

Branding Session with Shelby


I was lucky enough to work with these beauties for their branding content session for Honeypot Social

Nikki and I drove out to the desert for these headshots and I am legit obsessed with these! By far my favorite session

Nikki’s Desert Session


Sarah and I had this vision of how she wanted to launch her yoga certification. This desert session feeds my soul inside and out.

Sarah’s Desert Yoga Session


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I was there a few years back, tossing and turning about, "Can I actually make this dream of mine a reality!?" 

The truth: Yes you can! 

My mentorships are unlike any other, education is not a one and done thing!

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