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A business coaching mastermind program for Creatives and Makers to expand their business & elevate.

Welcome To Thrive 2.0

Chances are you are reading this because you are a small business owner and you are either feeling less than motivated, maybe you are in burnout, you want to hit your income goal, or you have been coasting along & instead you want to thrive.

Welcome to the next stage of your business!

Have you been in business for sometime now and looking to expand? Grow your income? or get out of the hustle stage....

I have been a business coach now for about three years. I have worked with multiple business owners in different industries that all seem to run into the same roadblocks!

Maybe you are feeling discouraged because your business isn't making the money you want it too...

Maybe you feel like you are constantly coasting along which puts you in a continuous hustle state, which can/will lead to burnout. 

Maybe you are wanting to pivot your business, but the social norm and fear has washed over you making you stagnant. 

You don't have to go at it alone... 

take it from me

That is why I created a mastermind program unlike any other -

you don't need me or any coach for that matter.
But if you are reading this it means you are driven & ready to create the life you want!

Having a step by step program that is completely customized to you & your business...
Working side by side with someone so you can ask any and all questions. Not to mention someone who is your cheerleader & accountability partner the entire
Working through different roadblocks like fear and imposter syndrome with someone who has been where you have been...

could you imagine.....

I have battled those same roadblocks too, but I am here to take you out of that mindset

umm what! Yes please

a six week program that will set your business up for success. This mastermind will dive into every tool that every business owner needs to create a sustainable business! These are proven tools that grew my tiny senior business into a success multi business empire.

Thrive 2.0 Mastermind



"Seriously, a lot of what you said today & these past few weeks have helped me more than you could ever know. I’m so grateful for you!! I think these small steps you’ve helped me take will be ones that help me take leaps & land in the future I’ve always wanted in so many ways !!! I just appreciate you so much & want you to know how much I value you & everything you’ve given me & educated me on so far."

Kind words from students like you


Week one is all about mindset and running parachutes. These are the different aspects, fears, lies, that we as business owners tend to sit in. We breakdown each parachute so you can start cutting ties & move forward.

Running parachutes


Week two is all about defining your own version of success and getting back to aligned living. Where do you really want to be in 10 years? How does it look different than it does now? We go back to the basics of passion switches... p.s. there are four not just the WHY

Defining success


Being mindful and intentional with you work is crucial to staying in alignment with what feels good for you. Have you been treating this business like a business? Are you elevating your client experience? We work on shifting focus to client experience, intentional work, and expansion.

Intentional work


My favorite week of the entire program... Money... We chat about all things money mindset. Reading this how do you feel when you read the word money, does it make you happy, cringe? We get you in a proper mindset to get rid of the "how" & focus on "you".

Money talk


Most business owners tend to forget about the importance of celebrating themselves when they do something. Think back... when was the last time you patted yourself on the back for making an agreement or a goal & reaching it? We get out of the "What next" mindset... it serves nobody



The final week is all about the projection we set up together so you can continue to move forward. We line out where you want to take your business, the ways you can expand, grow, and shift that feels good to you. Abundance can only come when we let everything else go.


What's included?

you had me at expand

Remember when I said this program was different! Well I meant it! You see this is a one on one program with me! There is no video recording & then I piece on out of here! I am with you each week for an hour working through each module together! You will have weekly checkins & homework (but its fun)

For a one time price of $1.500
or three payments of $600

Thrive is a no fluff program... We are all about actionable steps, accountability, & growth


"I gained more than I could ever imagine in a short amount of time. I was struggling in my profession and had lost all of my confidence before coming to Han. She challenged me to dive deep, shift my mindset in little ways that had large impacts, helped me find clarity, and helped me gain confidence. She asks the best questions and radiates the best energy. I am so grateful for the leadership and mindset skills she has given me. I can’t recommend her enough!"

Kind words from students like you

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We aren't worrying about finding a seat  at the table, we are building our own.

• I'll lead you through each module so you can unlock your true potential and build your own stadium.

• Accountability is something that most people need when it comes to starting something new, or when we are feeling a little stuck. This is where I come in... 

• As I stated before; this mastermind is not something that is pre-recorded... This is real time, real work, and real coaching so you can create the business you want.

• I will be there week after week to answer any questions that come along as well as be the person you can call when you need a little inspiration.

I only take a select few creatives because I am working with you one on one

Why start today instead of waiting for enrollment to open again?

You do not need me or any coach for that matter, but when you want something that is when the true power comes into play. A want is a greater desire than a need. 

My reason for being here is simple; because I have been exactly where you are right now... I have felt scared, nervous, stuck, thinking can I really do this... Is it possible? 

The answer is YES!

I will say the thing that most coaches wouldn't dare to say...

Join other creators and makers like you who decided it was finally time to leave the hustle behind

Imagine what it will be like to finally have a successful business that is working for you and not the other way around.

You could invest in yourself while creating the life and business that you truly want. You can choose to grow everyday, have a sustainable income, & define your own version of success!


You could keep doing what you're already doing - putting your head down, hustling your butt off, feeling overwhelmed, feeling stuck, feeling like you don't have a seat at the business owner level...

Now it is up to you...

Once we have completed your connection call we will set up your one time payment or payment plan!
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Because I only take a select few creatives a month, we will first do a little meetup or online chat to make sure you are ready to make waves!
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The process is simple! I want you to click that enrollment button that is all over this page!
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I know what you are thinking… So how do I enroll?

Those are some of my formal titles, but what most don't know about me is that I started my professional life in the health industry- with a B.S. in Public Health, with emphasis on kinesiology from the University of Nevada. After leaving my cozy job I embarked on a new passion of entrepreneurship which has ultimately led me here!

There is nothing I love more than watching others such as yourself truly step into their own power. After eight years of business I am taking everything that I have learned and sharing it with others!

Let me introduce myself; Coach, Photographer, Podcaster

hey there! I'm Han

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You deserve to create the life you want by means of a thriving business!

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