Mindset Coaching
with Han

I challenge the way you see the world & give space for you to step into your own power.

 My clients clear the path for their successes, take action, and get out of their comfort zones to unearth the natural leader inside.

I believe that we are our own biggest challenges, and success needs space to be created. Let's create that space for you to step into your fuller self.

I draw out the power in you

A BOLD approach to helping you create the life you want.

Spirit comes from within; it stems from love. If we learn to act from a place of love instead of fear, our lives will grow exponentially in more rewarding ways.

Getting real about the spirit 

Natural energy is vital in taking care of ourselves, our business, and other people. How do we make change happen? It starts with YOU.

Getting real about the body

Getting caught up in your own stories? We can get real about that.

Getting real about the mind

For the leaders of this world & getting real...

Those are some of my formal titles, but what most don't know about me is that I started my professional life in the health industry- with a B.S. in kinesiology from the University of Nevada.  I diverted from my path in health and became a successful business owner for over 7 years.  I understand that life happens, change is a good thing, and motivation can be transferred regardless of your direction.

In a not so formal light, I value being active. As a three sport athlete all throughout my upbringing, achievement was highly regarded in my family. I was raised by a mother who is a business owner herself, and a father who was in the military with many overseas ventures. I grew up in a blended family that was no stranger to alcoholism, and I learned the harshness of the world young. I have been surrounded by leaders my whole life, and I am grateful to coach them now.

Everybody has a story... and I want to know yours.

meet  your leader

I'm Han — coach, consultant, educator, podcaster, & public speaker

-Steve Chander

"Human spirit, like a campfire, 
must be lit again each day."

Modifying your mindset can lead to a wealth of resources inside you, it just takes some adjusting.

Have you ever wanted to pursue something, but can't seem to get out of your own way?

mindset coaching

We can work with that. 

Feel like taking the leap to run your own business? Or feeling run down & overworked?

business coaching/consultant

It all starts with stepping into your own inner power.

Are you in a high power position but feel overwhelmed and intimidated by some aspects of your job?

leadership coaching

 I am invested in helping you in any way that I can. I do brief "check ins" when needed.

check ins

Coaching is not a one size fits all. After our intro I will send you a customized plan to work with me.

customized programs

Coaching sessions are either in person or via zoom.

one on one coaching

what coaching is with me

I was gifted a camera at 16 and turned it into a success business in one year. I have taken everything that I have invested and learned over the past seven years & put it all here for you. 

This mentorship program is unlike any other which is why I only accept a few photographers a year.

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Photography mentorship

"Hannah has helped me in more ways than one and I cannot thank her enough. If you are struggling with photography, branding, or even just like in general this girl has the goods. You won't regret it" — Mckenna Payne

"Hannah has helped me so much along the way."


"Hey lady! I just wanted to let you know that I am so busy that I am leaving bartending at the end of the month :) thank you for all of your guidance along the way!" - Ashley Robison

"Hannah I am so busy that I am leaving my other job."

"Gabby is a big sister presence + a kick butt coach all in one! I didn't realize how much of getting healthy was the mental work. She helped me get back on track after having my 2nd baby." — Marie H.

"Hannah, I am leaving my job!"

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