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I have been lucky enough to have captured the Reno, Tahoe area for nearly 10 years.  Captivating your target audiences for business owners, highlighting graduates accomplishments, & celebrating my couples on their special day. 

I want to provide each of my clients with a luxury photography experience. These are not just photographs to post on social media, or place on a graduate announcement. They are the essence of your brand, a moment in time, & a memory to cherish forever.

Capturing your true essence. 

Specializing in Brand, Wedding, & Graduate Photography

Happiness is captured here

Photography is not just my passion; it's an eternal journey that fuels my soul. My love affair with photography began when I captured my very first client 10 years ago. Witnessing her step into the spotlight, leaving her comfort level & embracing her true essence in front of my camera, was nothing short of awe-inspiring. It was a transformative moment that ignited my purpose. And now, with camera in hand and an open heart, I am here to hold space for the powerful story you're eager to tell. Together, let's create imagery that resonates with the essence of you, empowering you as a woman to shine brilliantly and leave an indelible mark on the world. Your story deserves to be seen, felt, and celebrated. Let's embark on this exhilarating journey together.

More than a passion

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"Empowered women in are not only catalysts of change; they are beacons of inspiration, igniting a flame within others to fearlessly pursue their dreams and rewrite the rules of success."

I believe that senior photographs are far more then just pictures on a grad announcement! Which is why I have created my HM SENIOR EXPERIENCE. I have different package options for my high school graduates & my college graduates.

Senior sessions are about celebrating; forget about all the responsibilities, the checklists, and just being in the moment to celebrate yourself because this is a massive accomplishment!


Ignite the radiant power of your brand's story with my exclusive package options designed for women in business who crave compelling visuals and a captivating narrative. In this immersive experience, we will combine the art of powerful headshots and branding images with an add-on option for dynamic video snippets. With the freedom of multiple outfits, we'll curate a diverse range of content that reflects your unique personality and business essence.

Luxury Headshots + Brand photos + Video

My approach to weddings is to be there to capture the moments that make up your day. I pause the moments of tears, laughter, and hugs so you can relive those after the day is done unfolding.
I only take a select few weddings a year, because I pour my heart and soul into my couples. I will send you my exclusive vendor list, help you with your wedding timeline, make sure your wedding is your vision & your vision alone.

Intimate & Large Scale Weddings

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Being a Reno native, I had exposure to Hannah's photography for quite some time before finally deciding to invest for branding photos for my nutrition coaching business. She was kind enough to even meet with my virtually before my session to help quell my nerves and to help me decide on outfits, the vibe we were going for, and my ultimate goals for my photos. confident in front of the camera. Will definitely be using her again!

Sweet words from Kelly

I shed so many tears watching that slideshow.... You captured so many emotions and tears of overcoming everything life has thrown at me and I am so so blessed that you were there for this moment. I cannot wait to share these images with my family!

sweet words from Abe

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