Life Coaching 

It is a beautiful process to watch someone wake up to themselves

Transitions. Career changes. Divorces. Break ups. Dreams that just haven't been launched. Bumps in the road. Life happens, and when you tune in to the potential for change and open up to the opportunities ahead, you make room for the magic. 

Let's work together

-Do you have a dream but are feeling lost on how to get started?

- Are you going through a transitional phase such as a break up, divorce, career change, or recent move?

- Do you desire to create more meaningful relationships, with yourself and with others?

- Do you need some help staying motivated to actually get that project finished?

-Do you want to feel more confident with dating and meeting people?

I can help with that.

meet anna

Anna Chatelle, MA,  CLC
I'm a therapist turned life coach and I LOVE working with people who seek alignment between value and action, desire to create more meaning in their lives, and want get "unstuck." 
I believe my clients are whole beings with the power to create the change they seek. It is my honor to help guide that process. 

*Disclaimer-Although my background is in the therapy field I want to e.
mphasize that this is NOT therapy. If in our time I believe therapy is better suited, I will refer you to a mental health professional 


Special topics:

Post-Divorce Activation

Life Purpose

Men's issues: stress, communication, dating & confidence 

 Productivity & Motivation

"it is when we are in transition that we are most completely alive." 
                                    William Bridges

As your coach, I will meet you where you are. I will hold you accountable but I won't hold your hand. It is my intention to hold space for you, motivate you and help you uncover what is already inside you. I'm not interested in "quick fixes." I work with people that want to build true change patterns that lead to sustainable growth.

*Disclaimer-Although my background is in the therapy field I want to emphasize that my coaching work is NOT therapy. If we uncover that therapy is a better fit for where you are now, I will refer you to a mental health professional. 

The process

Our work together begins with a complimentary consultation to determine if we are a good fit. From there, we move to a Discovery Process, and based off of what we decide is the best option given your needs, move into a coaching commitment. 

it all starts with a call