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People pleasing is something that most everyone falls victim to in some way or another, and it is something that a lot of us put time and energy into learning how to stop. It can pick at your confidence, disrupt your plans, and make you feel resentful-at yourself and at others in your life

Roadblocks to Aligned Living: People Pleasing

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Friendships can be some of the most rewarding places to put our energy when both parties are nurturing the relationship. There is a presence of feeling seen, understood, and trust. On the flip side, friendships can also be an energy vacuum-one sided and sucky. When was the last time you took a step back and […]

The Friendship Eval

Life Coaching

You hear all over the health & wellness world why self love is important. You do the work, practice the things, change your self talk, and learn to love yourself more openly

This Habit is Sabotaging Your Self Love Practice

Life Coaching

When it comes to the formation of habits, our brains are not wired to quickly create and sustain change

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This is a limited seat 3 week program that focus's on setting intentions for the new year & keeping yourself accountable. With a LIVE coaching session with both Anna & Hannah.
This course is unlike any other; it is a group setting for those who want to start creating their life.

3 week program with LIVE coaching.

New Year's Shift

create a new you for the new year

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